Saturday, November 8, 2008

A beautiful Saturday

Excuse the quality of photo, today Christine, Heather and I drove to Feilding to go to the craft market. It's held twice a year, and it is mainly crafters who make all sorts of things and have stalls. Some things were cheap, others not so. Some things were new and interesting, others 'same old'. But we each found the odd things to purchase! I would have taken more photos, but crafters seem very touchy about anyone taking photos.
I bought some Raspberry vinegar, this is lovely to make a raspberry dressing for a lettuce salad. I also bought a jar of Marge's Quince jam for $3.00. And a pair of baby booties from an 80 year old lady who was selling them for $3.00. I have a friend who is expecting a baby boy soon, I'll give them to her.
Then I visited the Scented Soap Deli, mmmmm, her stall was packed, and the scent was beautiful. I bought some of these soaps earlier in the year and have used them, so a bought a few more. She said if I keep them away from light, they will retain the scent for a long time. I can't remember all the scents I bought, but 2 of them smell that good I could just stand in the shower and lick them to death! lol If you are interested in visiting their web site, the link is on the right. She said they will post up to 14 soaps to anywhere in New Zealand for $4.00, good value!

Then of course we had worked up a hunger after visiting all the stalls and talking to everyone, so we decided to stop for some lunch at Sage Cafe.
Christine kept it light, but Heather had a chicken sandwhich and I had corn fritters with roasted capsicum and bacon. mmmmm, darn good!!
Then we popped into a gift shop on the way back to the car and I bought a couple of stems of roses to add to this arrangement. All in all a great day, and a brilliant sunny one too!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Looks like a great fair Cheri! I was at a craft fair today too, as a vendor :). It was a fun day. I got your address and will ship your eyelets ASAP :).

Debbi Baker said...

Sounds like a great day and your lunch looks yummy!! That is my sort of food!