Saturday, November 1, 2008

ripping of paper and some nude sheep!

On Wednesday night I went along to the local scrapbook shop, with Heather, Debby and Denise, to their monthly Nite of Paper Passion. Each night they run competitions, teach projects, put on a fab supper and then from approx 9pm to midnight you work on your own projects, but you can use some of the supplies in the shops classroom. These bodies were our projects. And involved lots, and I mean LOTS, of Mod Podge, and some patterned paper.
Above: this is mine finished for the night. However although I quite like the paler colours in this, I think I may paint it lightly and perhaps sand it? Any ideas on how I can just add that extra touch so that it's not so that she's not such a 'plain jane'?

The one below belong to Shirl, the store owner, She painted her body first, then stamped all over a plain serviette, then split the serviette and Mod Podged it onto the body. The arms are made from rolled serviettes made into beads, and the hands are made from shrinkies, (shrink plastic)

Here we go! Here's a line up of our bodies. From left to right Heather's mine, Debby's and Denise's. Ummmmm can you tell Denis is a designer and has her own label and a clothing store in town!
This morning our lifestyle block helper, Ken, came to shear the sheep for us. We only have ours done once a year, although some farmers have it done twice a year. We have our own portable pens, and Ken has his own portable generator and away he goes!
This is Chris the Sheep. He is our eldest in fact so old no one can tell his age. He just loves to eat a slice of whole grain bread, and is very partial to sheep nuts.

The sheep were dirty and heavy with all their winter growth. So it always gives them a new lease on life to get rid of all that weight. Some years their fleece is cleaner than others, this year it is pretty muddy.

Now we have a paddock of naked sheep!!!
Doesn't this wool look lovely! We don't keep the wool, Ken takes it and will sell it and the money will go towards the cost of the shearing. However this year I grabbed a large handful which I may wash and store in my sewing room for future use!
Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of November!


Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing, and loved the sheep shearing as well!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

This wool looks yummy!