Wednesday, October 29, 2008

peas and beans, peas and beans!!

Tonight I picked fresh peas and broad beans from the garden for tea! Delicious! There's only one problem when I pick peas, I eat most of them before they get to the pot!

Hope you are all well!
Carole ;)


John said...

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Beautiful pictures.

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Keep blogging.
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Olor1n said...

Year, I also like peas very much;) But I've never eaten it with tea! o_O =)

PS. Hi!;)

Doreen G said...

I remember when I was a kid (about 60 years ago) lying on the ground next to the row of peas shelling them while the were still on the stalks-eating the peas and leaving the empty shells still attatched to the bush.
My dad could not underestand why the shells were empty.

Diane said...

Doreen stole my story - I used to hide out in the garden too and eat the peas right from the shell. Better than candy!

needlewings said...

MMMM..... We are going into our fall, so love to see your greens. I will swap a pork chop for some veggies. lol