Sunday, October 5, 2008

An arch arrives in the mail and a glacier looks impressive!

I have been joining in some swaps on a textiles challenge yahoo group, 1 arch per month. This is the arch I received from Anni for Sept. Just love the flowers! Thanks Anni! The theme I stipulated was garden, but other than that anything goes. Isn't this a neat garden scene? I now have 7 garden arches, and think perhaps I should make a cover and make them into a book?

Had these two pics on the computer to show you. This is Fox Glacier on the West Coast of the South Island. It is awesome! Really! While I stood there the clouds parted and I got to see the tops of the peaks.
This is the face of the glacier. It's amazing to see just how far this glacier has receded up the valley. I wonder if my grand kids or great grand kids will ever get to see this? If you look carefully at the bottom left of the photo you will see a man standing. Just to give you some idea of size.
Well not much happening today, it's a wet day and we've had 38mm of rain during the night and today so far. I zoomed into the supermarket at lunchtime and there was surface flooding everywhere, and the streams and rivers were swollen. We have also had 2 power cuts today.

To: Leanne, Margaret, Fannie and Sherry, thank you ladies for your lovely positive comments about my charms. I don't think jewellery making is really my "cup of tea" but they were fun to make, and as embellishments they would be very useful!
Margaret, I used Opals Embossing crystals, clear, which I melted and reapplied several times. I have actually got a bottle of Diamond Glaze, which I intend to use at some stage for charms or embellishments of some description!

Well hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
Carole ;D

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Debbi Baker said...

Gorgeous arch!! Lucky you. I have been very slack lately about commenting but all your photos are amazing. Very hard for me to imagine such beauty being so close to you. Working on my recycled postcard for you...Have a great week