Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some photos from the weekend.....

Yesterday we attended the wedding of my friends Machiko and Paddy. They were married in the beautiful little church in Camp. He is a soldier and she left her life in Japan to live in New Zealand with Paddy. They made a lovely picture and are a lovely couple.

Below are a pair of shoes. Not just any old shoes you understand! These are my very first pointed shoes! I love them and the detail in them. They have a tiny heel and I took them for their first outing to the wedding. When I tried them on in the shop, looking down from above they looked a little odd, not for me I thought. But then I walked over to the mirror and looked at them from someone elses point of view, and they looked really nice! SOLD!

Well, now, here's a story! (one of utter madness I must admit!)
Last night on dusk, Shelby (our dog) ran to the end of the deck, staring out across the paddock, hmmmmm, what was she staring at? She wandered back to her sleeping spot, then several minutes later she rushed back to the end of the deck, and this time I had to take a look myself - I mean I'll admit, I'm nosey!
Well, there goes Wednesday, our little black cat, striding off down the cattle race into the darkness. Off wandering. I don't mind her wandering off that way, it's well away from the road and the traffic.
After approx 10 minutes Shelby rushes back to the end of the deck again, so I know Wednesday must be coming back. Yep there is this little black figure trotting back up the cattle race. She walks to a certain gap in the fence and then along the drain, under another fence, and if I strain hard enough I can see she has something in her mouth! By this time I am standing outside waiting for her arrival. She gets to the cars and drops her little gift. I am expecting a dead rat, however once this was on the ground and free it was off! There followed a mad dash and recapture by Wednesday, Shelby joined in although couldn't get thru the fence. Wednesday, once she had re-caught her wee gift put it down again and once again it was off. I decided at this point I needed to get my gumboots on mighty fast and intervene. This is what Wednesday had bought us.
She had carried it ever so carefully, like she would carry a kitten. Now what could I do???? I removed it from her, I know, I know, I'm a spoilsport! But I'm also a softy at heart. So we decided to traipse across the paddocks and head back down the cattle race and let the little thing go. This was more difficult to do than to talk about! Traci, who was visiting, and who the gift was for, carried the bunny, I carried the flash light (it's now dark except for moonlight). The paddock was full of holes due to the cows treading all over it, and it's real muddy. We also had to not dwell on whether the little bunny would fine his mother or if he would be lost forever from his family! And I had to try and not think that he may come back when he is a little bigger and celebrate rabbit fest in my vege garden!!
However, we let him go and he hopped away seemingly very happy. And that's where the nice bit ends. In crossing the neighbours paddocks, I was trying to negotiate my way under an electric fence which ran along side a drain and my gumboot got stuck and I fell in slow motion backwards! Covered in mud! While I might add, Traci stood and roared with laughter! Oh well, that's life!

This is the farmers paddock in daylight - looks harmless enough don't you think? I'm sure it turned into a jungle at night!

Moving right along here.... Today we had a beautiful day of sunshine!!! Although the ground is still waterlogged, my raised vege gardens are thriving. Something to be thankful for!

Here are my broad beans and spuds....
and strawberries.
Here's a pic of Dennis taking advantage of the fine day doing some serious weed eating. In between him and the cows is the race which Wednesday trotted down.
Well I must leave you, I hope you have all had a great weekend!
I spent some time today taking some photos of the swap items so I can post their photos here after they have all been mailed out.

Carole ;D


Barb's Blurbs said...

OH, what a fun story about the bunny adventure! Maybe your Wednesday is having mothering instincts! Take care!

needlewings said...

Love the pizza toe shoes! I want a pair! appropriate witchy shoes. lol

Margaret said...

now now DP don't try and distract us with tales of broad beans and spuds, just stick to the good stuff, brilliant bunny story! I laughed my socks off!!

ScaryCheri said...

oh goodness, sorry about chuckling on the mud issue, lol. Love the bunny story though. Thanks for sharing that. Glad it quit raining for a bit. The spuds and beans look great. Our gardens are done here. Had our first frost weeks ago.
about the shoes. I had a dear freind(83) who has since passed on but one time she decided she wanted to repaint and upstairs bedroom after some water damage and couldn't manage as she had had a heart attack so I helped her. We moved everything out and did a closet as well. She used to go to all the dances and parties in her day and dressed to the nines. She had the most beautiful alligator print turquoise pointy toe shoes with about a 3 inch heel. These we used to call spike heels, not sure if they still do. Anyhows I ended up with those, with a matching bag mind you and some beautiful black patent(shiney) leather pointy's too. We were the same size. Thanks for the comment on my pages. Working slowly on another one right now but with the grandkids here and dishes and a sewer issue solved, trying to catch up on ll that and have to go paint our rental bathroom today after we get the shower installed. Ugh it piles up doesn't it? lol.