Friday, October 10, 2008

A bit of random 'ness' for Margaret - oh and a couple of bears...

Well, Guess what Margaret? Those little ceramic pieces you have on your blog, well I have some too! I also love them, they are sitting on my bookcase at the moment and each time I am browsing it for something I like to pick one of these up and hold it. (madness kicking in!) I have either bought a piece here and there when I've been away on holiday, or have been given them.
These two are favorites too, just a little bigger, the bag has pieces of paua shell stuck to it!

Margaret here are the Opals embossing enamels. I see on the back they are made in Australia. They come in various colours, or clear (white in large container). Let me know if you can't find any and I'll see what I can come up with! They have Pipe Dream Ink on them, and the colour name of the clear one is Franklin. Hope this helps?
Oh, now for the rest of you, while I was visiting my book case I decided to take a pic of these two cute little bears. I made both of them some time ago now. I haven't name either of the them, so if you think of a suitable name, let me know!
The wee lady below has a very cute face, with long eye lashes, red lipstick and her feather boa, (she still has the odd patch tho).
This wee guy is not enjoying the Winter, with his scarf to help him keep warm, and his handkerchief.
WOO HOO! Saturday tomorrow! We have a wedding to go to and then Traci is coming to stay the night. Hope the weather is nice.
Enjoy your weekend folks!


PS I have to just tell you all that when I view the cryptic message from a couple of posts back, it reads as plain as this, so couldn't understand what everyone was on about, however, when I viewed it from someone elses computer, and not logged on, I saw how exciting and mystical the message really was! LOL . Well, Julie and Carol, I wondered what you guys were talking about, I guess the feed back lets me know someone is reading the blog!! It's all fun! ;D


TracyB said...

LOVE the tiles!! Really like the fish one, not sure why, but I've always really liked "fish art".

Margaret said...

Beautiful! you have such a fab collection, will put those on my list next time I'm home. Do you know who the artist is??

Margaret said...

opps back again, am really having trouble with compi this morn! I know what you mean about picking them up I hate to admit it but I do just the same myself LOL! The smaller pots of Opal look familiar, I'm sure I've seen them around here, just never known what to do with them, just sprinkle and melt right? Enjoy your weekend

Mixed Media Martyr said...

I love following your blog! I have tagged you. See my blog to find out what to do:

Julie said...

I'm glad you didn't think we were mad! ;o)

Those ceramic tiles are beautiful. I shall have to look out for them. I've not seen them before.

Rayna said...

Love your bears. Thanks for putting the pictures of the opal enamels. I will know what I am looking for.Hugs Rayna