Saturday, October 25, 2008

Read on......what more can I say?

46mm of rain has fallen over the last 3 days

we now have several of these swimming pools for ducks

and lots of these little pesky slugs.

So the best thing to do today was to work on this quilt and try and get it finished. This is the quilt the coffee morning ladies were making for a charity. Made almost entirely from scraps. However it quite quickly got left to two of us to finish. I have done all the quilting, and now I am working on the binding, which will be finished tonight. Yay! This quilt has been sitting around here at home, and it has been like a barrier to doing anything else. And because it isn't for me, I have been a little less enthused about working on it. BUT now it will be finished and I can move onto do some more work on my McKenna Ryan quilt.
I hope someone, somewhere out there is having a sunny weekend!!!

;D Carole

Oh and ...... from one scorpio to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNI! (one of our lovely swap ladies!) Hope you had a fantastic day today!


Julie said...

Belated Happy Birthday Carole :o))
The quilt is beautiful!

And they say it rains in England!

Sounds like your cats had a party.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carole for my birthday wish. Glad your special day was a happy one. I wish we could have the rain here in Melbourne, we are desperate. Cheers Jenni

Margaret said...

yay! wellie story, like those v. much! glad to see you're actually managing to finally knuckle down and do a bit of crafting, long may the rain last...

needlewings said...

I love the boot shot. So cool. Send us some rain. We are really dry in Ohio. I love the quilt photo too. I need to curl up in one, it's chilly today!