Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making hay while the sun shines!

I must apologize for anyone who may think this blog is about what I might just happen to create in my little sewing room. At the moment I am enjoying the sunshine and just being outside! However I am still creating, I'm just doing it outside! I have made a start on digging over part of the paddock to turn it into garden. I have lost 2 peach trees and a necterine and the almond tree, and maybe a plum tree, all due to the very wet winter we suffered. I will need to concentrate on raising all the garden area. It's going to be a big job!

Yes, I know, I am quite mad, but I have to have some garden, and it's not going to happen if I sit and just whinge about it! I will post some pics of my progress soon.

Anyway, in the mean time my mum sent me two pics of a small part of her garden, what do you think? Isn't it just beautiful! And very inviting with all the colours and the little path. If you like mum's garden, leave a comment for her to read! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, and thanks for dropping by!


Rayna said...

Carole I think your mums garden is wonderful & wish it was mine. Hugs Rayna

Julie said...

What a glorious garden Carole. Your Mum must have very green fingers, as they say over here!

patty said...

what a beauty this garden is. I think I will be sending a plane ticket to your mom so she can come help me create something as beautiful in my yard.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh such beautiful flowers, it looks fantastic. I know it takes a lot to maintain that kind of beauty too!