Monday, May 4, 2009

A new skirt!

Today I went to a skirt making class at The Cloth Shop. Not that I really needed to attend a class, it was more a social day out. I made the above skirt, in some fabric I have had stashed for a while. It's in greens, creams, yellow and grays, I know it sounds a bit weird, but it looks very nice. The skirt pattern made up lovely and sits nicely on. There are lots of raw edges, but you can hem them all if you wish. I bought a tunic pattern which I will have a go at making at a later date.



Linda said...

I want to see the skirt YOU made! No pressure.....

Joanie Hoffman said...

are you going to show us your skirt?
i saw that pattern in Paduch of kentucky's catalog and thought it had a nice flow to it.
happy days,

Debbi Baker said...

I'm with the others - nice pattern but I want to see YOUR skirt! PS THat Book of Birds was an incredible "find"!

Margaret said...

so looking forward to seeing this, I love her patterns (and fabric!)