Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember this?

photo by traci

Remember a few posts back I showed you this pic of Mount Egmont in Taranaki. It sits nicely right outside my daughter's window,
well, it has been v e r y cold of late, and this is what it looks like now! In fact last
night on tv we saw photos of people using their ski field.

photo by traci

This one was taken from their gate.

The temptation was just tooooo much!
Here is Traci and her partner Mack on a tramp up the mountain to explore
the snow, isn't Mack brave in his shorts!
You can see the country side stretching
out behind them.
It's Winter!

Carole ;)


SandyN said...

Wow snow. I better not show the photo to my husband, he loves skiing in New Zealand. (We live in Australia). We were over there last winter. The snow was fantastic.

Linda said...

Yea....winter has arrived! I'm looking forward to you keeping me ...this Texas girl... cool through the hot summer here!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

These pics are stunners, gorgeous views!
We are heating up here in N Virginia!