Sunday, May 31, 2009

a small diversion lol

A couple of nights ago I popped into town to do a 2 hour class on foundation paper piecing. (taking a break from study) I've never done any of this and I've always avoided doing flying geese and anything with points! So piled a few scraps of material and the sewing machine into the car and off. We could use paper but I think most of us used a very thin Vilene which meant we could leave it on and not need to put it off. Talking, instructions and then discussing a display of pieced quilts took nearly an hour, so we had an hour to try some for ourselves.
Here are my 3 samples. I was very impressed at how neat they were!

(geez those pics are not so good! lol)
Anyway will file these as I am determined to use them in a quilt!
Carole ;)


Doreen G said...

Well done Carole -I love the one with the pansies.

Fannie said...

love paper piecing. you did a great job with these.