Saturday, May 23, 2009

the post about procrastination....

As those of you who follow my blog probably know, I have 2 assignments left to complete before the end of the semester, (happy dance here!). The one I was suppose to start work on YESTERDAY however is sitting by the computer, I have read thru some pages of Codes of Ethics, and Statements of Principles, In the Public Interest vs Of the Public Interest. I have shifted the pile of books and papers from the table to the chair, to the computer table to the sofa, back to the table and back to the computer table. 3000 words. Media Law. I got an A on the last assignment, that is going to be hard to follow.
I have also received some distracting mail, two blocks in my Leanne's House block of the month quilt I am making. Block nine which is the last one, and block ten which tells you how to put the whole thing together with info on the sashings and bindings. Also patterns for cushions, etc... I have not opened these yet. (you can probably guess what will happen if I do!) I like to cut out all the fabric and trace out the patterns for the stitcheries, but I dare not do this! However they are a serious distraction! LOL
The pics aren't very good this time round, serious malfunction on my part!

These assignments are becoming an all consuming obsession and my life seems to be very dull at the moment. I need my creative freedom! I think the most exciting thing that's coming up is the new Stampington and Co publication Art Quilting Studio. I've just to work out how I'm going to get my grubby little mits on one without having to sell the car to purchase it! LOL
Well, I guess that as I have done some housework, put the fire on, (cos it's freezing outside) caught up on a few blogs, posted here, day dreamed, made some scones, I better pull finger and make a start on this assignment!
Will keep you posted!
Carole ;)


Linda said...

I'm not doing very well on writing that assignment..... maybe you should do it???????????

Jennifer said...

You have a lovely treat waiting for you, when your assignment is finished!

Margaret said...

good luck with your self-control!! I think I'd probably just open it all anyway, I mean what harm can it do?? go on you know you want to!!