Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blah blah and more blah

Yesterday I spent some of the day in my sewing room, under the pretence of creating, working on a new project, but at the end of it nothing looked right. Don't ya just hate that? I had everything figured, planned, fabrics picked. Darn.
Have to make some changes.

In the mean time, my YOUNGER sister sent me this......hilarious!!

It's a rainy old day again, back to the sewing room!!

Carole :)


Doreen G said...

I didn't know anyone was looking when I tried that swimsuit on.

Debrina said...

Carole! Would you believe I wrote this massive big comment for you and then the page timed out and I lost everything.


Well, I just love this post - it made me laugh so hard! Ha ha. I feel like I might be heading that way too sometimes, lol!

You earlier post was also just lovely! Your sheep are so cute! You must also be pleased to be getting all that wool?

Lastly, I've been working steadily away at the tea stained square you sent me. It's just so nice to be able to do a bit of needle work in bed just before I go to sleep. It's so relaxing! I'd forgotten just how nice it is to do!!

Jenxo said...

lOl carole, i looked at this before i went to work this morning. It msade my day.....

Lynn said...

That was so funny - I can relate!