Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let me show you stitchery no. 8!!

Well, what do you think of this stitchery eh?? Pretty darn cute, I can tell you! This one was stitched by Patty from over at Magpies Nest. Thank you so much, this will look fabulous in my quilt!
You should have seen Patty's envelope, and you won't get to as I didn't think to take a pic of it in my hurry to get inside. It had an amazing assortment of stamps on it, postal and art, and a bunch of lovely ducks/geese. It also included some other yummy goodies, feast your eyes on this...

A beautiful vintage lace collar that Patty tells me that I can cut up and use in my art! I don't know if I can actually do that right now, but may some day I will be able to cut into it and create something using it. But right now, I consider it a bit of a treasure.

Then there was this very cute paper serviette, and I know I've shown you a photo of Shelby laughing, but don't you think this sheep is laughing too? How gorgeous!

Then Patty had sent me this mag to read, she knows how much I love Somerset magazines! I'm ready for the wet weekend now!

And there was this lovely fabric sticker. I am going to use this in one of my fabric creations. Thank you so much Patty for the lovely gifts, I will have fun with them I'm sure!!

Carole :D (who's going off to look at my gorgeous lace again! LOL)


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So happy the postman delivered! It is wonderful what we get to send back and forth across the seas isn't it!
The sheep napkin made me think of you in NZ, it's lovely that someone stitched a sheep for your quilt as well!
Thanks for the lovely mention here
p.s. the sweet man at the post office took extra time to put on "pretty" postage stamps rather than printing out the postage on one label, I get a very nice reaction to my decorated envelopes at the post office :)

Shiree said...

Oh your stitcheries are really shaping up very nicely, that is going to be a really lovely quilt of that I am very sure, and such wonderful other goodies,how wonderfully generous of Patty, enjoy them!

Jenxo said...

ooohhh bonus, love that stitchery....

cam just picture the postage man checking sticking nice stamps on to her beautiful envelopes..

Marls said...

I can't wait to see this quilt put together-it is going to be fantastic with a wonderful story of those that have stitched.
I don't think I cut cut up that lace. It is gorgeous.