Friday, November 20, 2009

Stitchery 4 is here!

And isn't she a doll! This lovely little stitchery has been made by Deb from over at mistressdebrina. Thank you so much for making her for me, ( Am wondering if she takes after me or you? Personally I think her hair is much too neat for it to be me! LOL)

She will look fantastic in my quilt!
Carole :)


Shiree said...

yep, way too much hair for me too Carole, sure is looking pretty good! It is such fun watching the stitcheries coming back home, wondering what the next one will look like... what wonderful creation some clever person has come up with

Debrina said...

Hello carole - wow, it looks quite different now that it's all ironed out. It looks like a real stitchery!

Anneke said...

what a beautiful stitching is this.
you are so good in this and i like it

Nathalie Thompson said...

One that is not flowers! I like it! not that I didn't like the flowers too, but this adds some nice variety. How many more squares are coming yet?

Margaret said...

stitchery subline! love these little pieces making their way home M