Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A post especially for Patty!

Patty I'd like to make you a pav to try, but seeing I can't do that, (unless you come visit me!!) I will share with you my special pav recipe.
Pavs are divine with lots of fresh summer fruit on top, but during winter, I don't like using canned fruit, so I buy Cabury flaky chocolate bars and crumble the chocolate all over it.

Because I could eat one of these completely by myself, with absolutely no help from anyone else in the family, I don't make them very often. So I make them for Christmas or birthdays or other special occasions only.

"The pavlova is an Australian or New Zealand dessert, a single-layered meringue cake with a crisp crust and soft, marshmallow centre, topped with whipped cream and fruit. The confection was popularised when the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova toured Australasia in 1925. Whether the final perfecting and naming of the cake was the achievement of Australians or NewZealanders is a matter of national rivalry. One explanation of the pavlova’s origins is that a West Australian chef found a recipe in a New Zealand women’s magazine and adapted it – an explanation which happily gives each country its own piece of the cake." (taken from a web site, but I can't remember which one)

A true New Zealand Pavlova :D

Beat 3 egg whites with a pinch of salt until very stiff. (there's lots of beating in this) When stiff add 3 tablespoons of cold water, one at a time, while you are beating. Keep beating egg whites. Then add 1 cup of castor sugar, (fine white sugar) a very little at a time, while you are beating, keep adding the sugar until it has all been added and it has all dissolved. Then add 2 teaspoons of cornflour, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and 1 teaspoon of malt vinegar and keep beating until egg mixture is very stiff.
Tip the egg mix onto a baking tray, I always tip it in a pile, and I don't spread it too much, as it will spread a little while baking.
Cook it in an oven at 160 / 375 for 1 hour.
Put it onto a large plate and when cool top it with whipped FRESH cream and your toppings.

While the pav cools you will get a little cracking of the meringue shell, and it may also sink a little. Nothing a little extra whipped cream can't hide!!! :))

I couldn't find any pics of my pavs, except this one made last summer. I topped it with fresh strawberries and cherries and pureed some strawberries to made the liquid you see running down the side. (and a little crumbled chocolate on top).

This recipe should come out with a crunchy outside and a soft marshmellowy inside.

Good luck Patty! Let me know how you get on!

Carole :)


Nathalie Thompson said...

OMG. I had to rush on over to see as soon as you posted on the QB5.

This looks HEAVENLY in ALL its variations!

Linda said...

Yum! I don't see why you can't mail these to us? I mean really.

Doreen G said...

My absolutely positively favourite desert in all the world Carole.
I would kill my best friend so I could have the last slice -really.
But why did you have to show it today?
I am on a 3 day medically enforced strict diet of liquids-white bread-white fish-cooked pumpkin and potato and jelly(not red or purple).
Ooohh I could just die.

Margaret said...

you know how I said I'm coming over, well can I add this to my 'must try Carole's baking list' please, so little time and sooooo many yummys to eat!

Ali Honey said...

I can endorse Carole's recipe. I use exactly the same one and it always turns out well. It is quick to make too.

Another topping ( instead of the cream )which is nice cause it is sour in contrast with the sweetness of the pav is to make a type of lemon honey ( cheese/ spread ) out of lemons and the left over egg yolks. It can also have some whipped cream incorporated to make it less tart.

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

my feet have wings .... I WISH!!!
oh my goodness, I am drooling on my keyboard and I agree with Linda ;)

it is a gorgeous thing to behold

I am wondering if cornflour is what we call cornstarch here in the US? must be to help thicken the egg whites ...

I'll be sure and let you know when I give it a whirl

I am so hungry right now ... thank you very much ... what a luscious post to begin my day !!!

thank you Carole!

Chelle said...

You just made me crave pavlova and it's only breakfast time :D

I'm yet to get my meringue technique right..perhaps an electric beater would be the answer!