Friday, April 18, 2008

Charity quilt takes shape

Much excitment as I got the latest issue of QA in the mail! I always keep it in a safe place until I can set aside time to read every inch of the mag! Then I have to go thru and wipe all of the drool off it! hahaha!
Remember this pile if 1½" squares of scrap material I showed a few posts back? Well my talented friend Dawn and I have finished sewing them into blocks of 4, then adding sashes to them. Then we cut 4½" plain sqares and here we have them all laid out to see what they look like.

We considered that they looked ok so Dawn has sewn all the blocks into strips. We like how it is looking so far! We have been trying to make the quilt out of scraps, and so far we have done that, but we want to add a wide sashing, which we will have to buy, and we have lots of 1½" squares left so they will get used round the outside. This quilt, when it's finished will be donated to a charity here in Palmerston North.

Also in the mail was my copy of The NZ Quilter, mmmm the weekend is almost on us, so should be able to get in some quality reading!


Flicsha said...

I love your quilt. One thing I would change is the red with white strip. They jumps out at me when looking at it. Just my thoughts. For what they are worth. Love your blog. Flicsha

Cathy W said...

I love the scrappiness of this quilt, KiwiCarol. And that it's all pre-owned fabric (so far...) but best of all is that you're donating it!
I've done several donations quilts too -- but it's been awhile since making&giving the last one. I'll have to do another soon.

morningDove said...

I like this scrap quilt. Colors are wonderful. Someone will be very happy to get this quilt.