Thursday, April 10, 2008

A glimpse of our neighbourhood

First of all let me welcome Julie to my blog! Hope you enjoy your wander and thanks for the nice comments!
Yesterday I had to drive down to The Bent Horseshoe Cafe at Tokamaru, about 10 mins drive south on state highway 57 from where I live. These 2 shots give you some idea of the view from their lawn looking right then left. During summer this river is a very popular swimming spot and it's usually crowed with people having bar-b-ques and swimming. Notice how things are starting to green up again after only a few showers.
This lovely pile of 1 ½ inch fabric squares were cut up in aid to make a quilt for a charity. My friends Dawn and Chris are helping me to make it. Last night we got together to sew them into blocks of 4. Then it will be my job to do the ironing. Dawn is designing the pattern as we go, she is very clever and I just know it will look totally stunning when it's finished! I'll keep you updated with progress as it happens.

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Fannie said...

Beautiful photos, Carole. Love the landscape. I feel like I can walk right into it. Thanks for sharing.