Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Definate maddness!

Well first up, Hi Barb, thanks for the comments you left. I think you call the feijoa the pineapple guava in the states. They are grown here as either a hege plant because they are hardy to grow and make great wind breaks, or as stand alone trees. Either way the fruit is mmmm mmmmm! I use the fruit for cooking, desserts, they can be peeled and sliced and dried in a food dehydrater. I also like them because they are ripe and fresh in the middle of winter.

Well it's been a busy few days here at home. It is the end of the first term of school here in NZ and the kids are on a two week break. So my sister and her family have been visiting. The animals aren't used to kids running round so it's been a culture shock for them! However it's been great to catch up with them! Shelby took to her bed, mostly to keep a low profile, especially when there was no food on offer!
Buddy on the other hand was a little suspicious of anything that could run round the house faster than he could! He has spent most of the last couple of days outside!
Wednesday was happy to sleep it out, and seemed to cope with all the extra pats, cuddles and teasing!
Then it was off to pick mushrooms in a neighbouring paddock. Field mushrooms are just the best, I boil them in milk, add a pinch of salt and thicken with a small amount of cornflour, just enough to make a runny sauce, mmmmmm!
Here's Carson, he was busy concentrating on winning the game!
While Charlotte made herself an ATC booklet.... well I did help, but only a little bit!
Over the last couple of days I got some exciting mail too, on the left a bookmark from Heather in Scotland. It is really toooo nice to hide in a book! And the velvet bookmark with the yoyos is from Carol in the States. No more bits of ripped newspaper to mark the pages now!
I also got time to finish my P2P (permission to play) postcards for a swap on Fibre Art Traders. I was playing with tyvek and Neocolour ll water colour crayons on fabric.
And I also got to go shopping in Spotlight and found this mold! Couldn't believe my find! I have kept an eye out in the section where the clays are kept, as they stocked sculpey clays, but they've never had the face molds. Wow! still can't believe I found them!


morningDove said...

Hey Kiwi: I just bought the same molds to use with UTEE. I tried unsuccessfully i might add. Your animals are adorable and your sister's children so cute. Enjoy your family. See you on FAT.

ScaryCheri said...

hi Carole, welcome to the arttechnique group. I love your postcards. We just finished a fabric post card swap in one of my groups I am in and it was fun. Your pets are adorable and the mushroom dish sounds interesting. Hugz, Scary