Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just when you want to lay in of a morning!

Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days, I've been a bit green, think it was a tummy bug but don't know where I got that from! I don't normally catch things that do the rounds. So not much art type stuff getting made here.
However this guy decided to pay us a visit a couple of mornings ago, at 7 in the morning. I think he tries to get as close to our house as possible, although he is supposed to be top dressing the paddocks next door!
Here he comes!
These pics will give you some idea just how close he does get, I was standing on the decking of the house. Thought I'd get an "under" shot in case I wanted to ring and complain!

And here is a shot of the top of the plane which gives you some indication of how low he was! Dratted little noisy man!
Hopefully there will me more art to show you soon, but in the meantime hope you enjoy my blog on life!

1 comment:

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL, good plane shots, hope he buzzed off :)