Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maddness is right!

Madness is certainly right!! This not-so-little gift was left at our front door this morning by a very proud kitten! It was a 'vermonus ratus' and just what you want when you're wandering round bleary eyed early in the morning! The little darlings were extremely proud of themselves, and I must say I really was quite impressed. I know living in the country you have to expect a few mice and rats, but wow! to actually catch them. Yesterday morning Wednesday caught a little mouse and proceeded to sit right outside the glass doors and eat it while we were eating breakfast! The kids thought it was a real scream! They don't get this sort of entertainment in the city!
On a more positive and interesting note, the mail bought a couple of nice parcels, above was a box of 250-300 daffodil bulbs and below 2 bags each with 250 daffodil bulbs in. We have a very long drive from the road to our house and I'm trying to work my way down it with daffs. I have planted half the drive so far, and last spring when they all flowered I received so many comments, they looked so stunning. But I must say, it is costing me a small fortune!! The ground is very hard at the moment due to a shortage of rain, so I will wait a couple of weeks and see what we get, then I will have to plant them. It will be hard going.
Last night we took the 2 kids (9 and 12) to see Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who! at the movies. We thought it might look odd 2 adults sitting watching, so kids have got to be good for something, right? We all enjoyed the movie, despite our ages! Go see it if you have a chance, even if it's just to see the animation.
Hope your all having a great week,

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Ahipara Girl said...

Lovely to visit as usual and see what lovely stuff you are up to. Thanks for your really lovely comment. I could imagine you jumping in the car and rushing down here to awhi me. What a lovely lovely thought. See you made me feel lovely.