Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today saw the return of this ewe and her 2 lambs. And they didn't look anything like what they do in the photos. Of course they are nearly 12 months older than when these pics were taken.
I was not sad at all, not one little bit. This ewe is called 'Baby' and she was given to us as a wee lamb and although she looked very cute, she was the devil in disguise! Believe me, if there was one sheep out of our small flock who would choose to get into trouble it was Baby. Before we had fences round the house she would walk round the house raming her head against the large glass folding doors, wanting to come inside. If one sheep escaped the paddock it was always Baby. If one sheep was going to escape the paddock and ring bark the new cherry trees we planted - yep you guessed it, it would be Baby! Then she produced lambs, and she was a very doting mother, but these two lambs started to grow up with Baby personalities! They didn't mix and mingle very much with the other sheep and lambs, they were always the hardest sheep to pen when we wanted to shear them or drench them or check their toenails. Then if we managed to get one in the pen Baby would always escape through a fence, and she didn't care if it was electrified! She would then take off with a resulting chase right round the whole property.
They were a very cute family unit, but at the end of the day it just pays to suck up to the owners, those friendly sheep all escaped to live another year. But today Baby and daughters of Baby arrived at our place as chops, roasts and sausages! And they look darn good too!! Here's to winter nights, family roasts and mint sauce! mmmmmm!

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Lisa said...

Cute little lambies sound like they will make tasty chops :o)
I am really interested in the photo in your header and would love to know more about this piece. It looks like it has lots of different techniques in it.