Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things in and out

I received this sumptuous block from Cindy for the 8x8 quilt block swap, I think I've got them all now, must check. I have absolutely no idea as to how I'm gonna put these together! Each block is so different, even tho they have the same colour tones.
I've just finished this Arch for Annette, oops I hope you're not reading this Annette! Anyway here is a bit of countryside for you. I am really taken by these accidental landscapes, as you can probably tell. This one is for an arch swap so it has been made in the same way you might make a post card. But I quite like the ones made with batting and 3 layers.
I was very excited yesterday to find that I had won a piece of artwork made by Fannie! This is one very talented girl!
Have a great day everyone!
"Don't take life too seriously; no one gets out alive."

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Lisa said...

Hi Carole,
Love your archway, what a clever idea. I want to the try the accidental landscapes too, but I must finish my 2nd village quilt first, and try and find a copy of the book.