Friday, May 9, 2008

The beginning of a secret garden!

Hi all! WOO HOO it's Friday!
Just a short entry today, but I had to show you this progress out in my garden. It is the beginning of my "secret garden". A trellis fence is going up on 2 sides, which will provide quite a bit of shelter for everything growing within. I am very excited about this, and am starting to plan what I will grow on the trellis. As this garden area will have a variety of flowers and veges I want to make sure that I don't waste an inch of ground space!
On the fence below I intend to grow a climbing rose on the left hand end, 2 black grapes thru the middle and another climbing rose in the corner.

You won't be able to see as much of this fence once the feijoa trees are grown, so I plan to plant some climbing plants to add a splash of colour. If you have any good recommendations for climbers don't hesitate to let me know! I will consider everything!
Must say a warm welcome to purple missus, aka Lynda. Thanks for the nice comments, and I was hoping for some inspiration from you! I've not done any altered art projects before so perhaps I should visit the library and get some books out!!
And my friend Fannie! You always say the nicest things, you sound way too nice to be true!
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Until tomorrow,

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Fannie said...

I am all "real," Carole--that includes wrinkles, aches and pains. Well, except for the nail polish and hair color, that is. ;-D

Your garden is large and wonderful and will be even more beautiful with the flowers you will plant. You're so fortunate to have all that space. Any room for a water feature and maybe even a bridge? I hope you'll post photos of your progress.