Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Funny how nice things happen when you least expect them to...

It's amazing that we have so many trouble spots in the world! I mean if everyone was as nice as the talented artists who have left very kind comments on this blog, the world would be such an easy place to live in! Thank you to those who have left comments on the give away, I have enjoyed reading your blogs equally as much as I hope you enjoyed browsing this one!

Yesterday I recieved a lovely email from the Rotary Club of Palmerston North. They had seen a photo and article I had written in the April issue of the little community newspaper I publish. The president explained that they support the project that I spoke about and were thrilled with the article. AND, he asked, would I like to be the guest of the president at a Rotary lunch? Considering I was only just doing my job, I felt I wasn't really justified in going, but my boss told me that it was a well deserved invitation and that I was to go! How nice is that? So that was my lovely suprise yesterday!

Here's a sneek peek into my office. I am trying to fill the walls with front covers of every issue I publish. It looks kinda cool and those who come into my office are always attracted to that part of the wall!
Scary, you asked about the tissue casts. They are dead easy to make and really very effective. You need a stamp with an open pattern, not one with lots of fine detail. Then you need a roll of common old toilet paper. I then mix some PVA (white) glue with water, just a little glue and water it right down. Lay a segment of toilet paper across the stamp, and sponge it with a brush and pva water mix. Repeat this until you have approx 12 layers on the stamp. You may like to use more, you'll have to experiment with this. Then leave it to dry. When dry seperate the cast from the stamp. I trimmed the stamp to suit, painted it and then sealed it with a glaze. I have attached these by gluing them or sewing them. I think they would look real impressive with the crackle paint that Tim Holtz uses, but I can't get that here in NZ. Do have a go, they are quick to make and fun!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


ScaryCheri said...

oh Carole how cool for you. I love your wall. That's where I would head too. You must be very proud.
Thanks for the tutorial on the casting. I was thinking tissue paper. How cool to use toilet paper, lol. I will definitely try that one when we get home. Thanks for the kind words on my itty bitty's. They were a blast to make and I got such neat ones in return. I really have to take time to make something to display them on my wall. We are out bopping around the country in the truck this week from Chicago to Georgia now. Going to see some country, lol. Have a great week. I will post my results of the tp casting. Hugz, Scary

Fannie said...

Congratulations on the invitation, Carole. Thanks for the tutorial for the casting. Something else I need to try.