Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Giveaway for no reason what so ever!

This weekend I have been playing with some of the faces I made with the air dry clay, using neocolour ll, tissue castings and tyvek. I have been very inspired by the ATC I received from Fannie, so thought I'd make some for myself. I have started on making 8, 2 of them are finished, and I'm pleased with them.

ATC gold

ATC green

They were fun to make and I thought I'd give them away. All you have to do is leave a comment here and next weekend I will draw 2 names, so make sure I have contact info for you. (sorry the photos aren't too sharp, must do better next time!)
Meanwhile I will keep playing, and finish the others.

Yesterday, Saturday 3rd May was officially opening day of the duck shooting season here in New Zealand. Now if we lived in town or the city this event would pass without so much as a duck in sight! However, we live in the country and watch all the ducks flying round looking for somewhere to land, with the chance that they will blown out of the sky before they land! Both yesterday morning and this morning I have woken to the sound of shotguns banging, but the weather hasn't been so good as the hunters all like a nice mix of rain and wind to stir the ducks up and keep them in the air. Both mornings we have had sun and blue sky, although we do have a touch of snow round on the ranges and so the temps are falling. Nothing like a nice 'cold snap' to make one appreciate the summer!

Before I go, I must say Hi! to Scary Cheri who dropped in to leave me a lovely comment! Thank you, hope you'll pop back again soon!
Hope you are all having/had a great weekend,


16 comments: said...

Your new ATC's are fabulous and I enjoyed reading your blog!

Rayna said...

Love both your ATC's & am looking forward to the others you are working on. Rayna

ScaryCheri said...

well thank you for the hi Carole. and thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I must say those faces are so sweet. If you get time i would love to hear about the tissue? and tyvek part of how you made these. They trurned out very cute.
Th duck hunting is interesting. We used to live right on the edge of a refuge and the geese and ducks would fly over every day. When it's foggy they sound like they are about to land on your head, lol. My hubby is an avid hunter and so I went out hunting with him and some of the guys one day. Dug a pit in a corn field that had been harvested, took stalks and made a cover, sat on the cold ground for hours with no insulated pants on(butt was froze solid I swear) only to realize that I really do not care for hunting. They are much to beautiful to kill(all animals but spiders that crawl on me and mosquitos). So now I just enjoy them honking over head. We live in the path of the flyway north to south so we get pelicans, greater and lesser Canadian geese, ducks, crane, etc. It sounds so nice outside in the mornings especially when cold as it amplifies the sounds, unless you are trying to sleep then it can be annoying I hear, lol. Sorry for running on like this, but had to comment. Thanks for sharing your story. Hugz, Scary

Normajean said...

Very sweet ATC's Carole!
Hugs, Nj

Normajean said...

Very sweet ATC's Carole!
Hugs, Nj

Diane said...

Hi, Carole,
Your ATCs are great. I love the colors and the tissue castings came out so nice. I love reading your blog and hope we get to do a F.A.T. trade one day.
Diane in AL

ANNA said...

Hi I love the ATC's they are such fun esecially the one labelled green - these are my colours!! Please enter me in your draw. Perhaps we could do a swap one day?

lynn said...

love them, carole! i'm inspired - haven't made any fiber atc's in awhile! thanks for the kick in the behind!! - gretchen

Fannie said...

Hi, Carole! Nice to see you're passing it forward. Good for you!

Great ATCs. Tyvek is on my "to do list."

Carol said...

Oh their lovely!! Please count me in the give away, love the colours.

katelnorth said...

those are great - I have that same mould for faces, but I love your idea of making them into flowers.

nc said...

cute n adorable ATC (^_^)
even if i didnt make it into your list of still be writing u this comment,
because..ur worth it.

keep on doing ur great work.

baa-me-chick said...

Am i too late??? These are gorgeous cards & i'd love to own one!
Nicki xx

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Carole - this is my first visit to your blog (which incidentally is great and is now added to my google subscription) and I'd love to be included in your ATC give-away - they are lovely. The faces really look cute as flower centres, Regards

TracyB said...

Just wonderful!! (the green one is my favorite) Love how you were able to work the tp cast together with the clay!! I do a lot of tp casting myself-isn't it loads of fun?!!

cat in tassie said...

Hi Carol

Your atc's are wonderful!

After reading your blog, I think I'll have to get some pva glue and play with tissue molding. I haven't been able to get Tim Holtz crackle paint here in Tassie either.