Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not much to report

We are still waiting for the rain which was forecast. I am now going to have to water the garden, how bizzare is that?
Last night I went to sewing class at my local quilting shop, they run what they call "Finishing Class" although it's really just a social night of sewing. They have run it as long as I can remember. I usually always go, it's my "sewing night" and only once a fortnight. I haven't been at all this year, I've just had other stuff happening. But I want to get a bit more done on the McKenna Ryan quilt I'm working on, so I will use the finishing classes to work on that. I'll post a photo asap for you to see the progress. There were quite a few new ladies there last night, but 5 of us 'oldies' there. There was one young girl, maybe in her late 20's sitting next to me who was making a start on her very first ever quilt. She had spotted some fabric she liked, and had drawn up a basic pattern with squares of different sizes and was sewing them together on a borrowed machine. How ambitious is that for a first quilt! She asked what I was up to, and after I explained that I was doing machine applique she decided that some of her squares looked a little plain and did I think she could do applique on them?? What a tender moment - the beginning of an addiction!! LOL!
Tonight I am doing a class on silk paper making. I really think it is pretty basic, but sometimes it's the little tips you pick up from watching or listening to your tutor. I have never made it before, and think it will give me another textile medium to use.
Anyway, thought I'd just add this pic of Chris the sheep. He is the oldest of our sheep and really no good for anything, but he is pretty friendly, and has a real liking for bits of bread, so loves the hand feeding. His teeth are pretty much worn down, which gives a good indication of his age. So he will probably be with us until he dies of natural old age!
Thanks to those of you who have left lovely comments on my blog, it's always neat to hear from you!
Take care, Carole

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