Monday, May 26, 2008


Well I went totally mad and decided to make a purchase from the USA. It arrived this morning! How am I going to concentrate on any work now?? I drool over some of the art supplies available over there! Anyway I bought some alcohol inks from Joggles, some blending solution, the applicator tool, and a jar of crackle paint. Has anyone used these, and if so, did you find them good? I intend to try them on my small tin first. I shall keep you updated. I think I'll check back on Tim Holtz's blog to see what I can find out there. I can't believe how fast they arrived! Well done Joggles!
I forgot to show you this fantastic post card I got recently from Noelene in Australia. This was for a swap. She has played with goodness knows what on the card, but I'm guessing some sort of medium as the card is quite heavy. I love the embellishments and the colours, and I can say, that it is soooo different from any of my other post cards!
Noelene also sent me this little booklet! What a suprise and treat! It looks as though it has been made from threads and scraps, and all sewn together. (I'm wondering if I could make this using the silk paper making technique??) There are 3 little pages inside and it is tied at the corner. It's very effective. I have never used words in any of my projects, I think because I would have to glue them instead of sewing them, but they look fantastic and I have decided to try them. May be I'll include some on my tin?

Last night was very chilly outside, inside I had the fire going and it was lovely and cosy. The kittens came in and plonked themselves in front of the fire. It's funny how the animals always get the best places!
Blow me down If I didn't get up from the sofa to find Shelby had decided that it was warmer in front of the fire than in her basket! Crossing our room is often an obstacle course!

Fannie I'm pleased you received your little gift. I do appreciate your help!
Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Ahipara Girl said...

Yo Mama
You are always so industrious, you crack me up. I can just imagine the riotous piggledy yet warm and inviting home and garden you inhabit. I love it all. Lucky you to have new products to play with. Good luck finding time. I wish I had more time to play with new things, at art school we are constantly pushed to keep pushing boundaries on our same works. It's about the 'concept' and going deeper but still I love summer holidays when I can let my hair down and do what I want. I am more myself these days thanks, and finding things more manageable as I figure out my future, sometimes no more than one day at a time. You are wonderful and I find your blog and emails so encouraging. Cheers mate, have one on me!