Saturday, May 31, 2008

It is the last day of May!

Well today is saturday 31st May! Wow the year is flying by! We have had a beautiful day here in Palmerston North, I zoomed into town first thing this morning to buy some tubes of acrylic paint, then back to work to grab some photos of the under 12's school kids rugby game for the next issue of the paper. Then home to make a start on finishing the planting of my bulbs. I managed to get all of them in the ground! WOOHOO! I just have a handful of very small bulbs which I will plant in a pot until they get a bit bigger. So over the last few weeks I have planted out approx 2000 spring bulbs. I can't wait for them to flower in spring! I will buy another 1000 bulbs next year and then I will nearly be finished planting the whole driveway!

I finished an arch for Jan, for a swap group. I did the accidental landscape again, (I'm really enjoying this style), but this time I did the seascape again. That tangled looking mess at the bottom is supposed to be a net with fish, starfish and seahorse in it! I have to make some ATC's for swapping, and I am wondering just how small I can make them? Mmmm........
The photo below was taken last Thursday. I had to visit the racecourse here in Palmerston North to take some photos of a very old monument, it was built in 1914 and is undergoing some restoration. BUT, while I was there saw these lovely old buildings. I guess the 'old' part of the racecourse. I've never been there before, but thought what a lovely place to take wedding photos! Lots of falling leaves and old bricks. Or might be good for family portraits too. (I should explain - in another life I used to work as a photographer for a studio, and my main job was taking portraits, and doing weddings. As a result I'm always looking at scenery and potential photo shoot locations.)
Well Monday is a public holiday here in New Zealand, Queens Birthday. Don't actually know why we celebrate it on the 2nd June? Anyway, guess what??? Rain is predicted for Monday!! Guess what I'll be doing!
Thanks to all of you who made comments about my tin. I'm really pleased that you don't find it creepy! I quite like it myself! Although I don't think it will hold many ATC's! What an excuse to alter another tin!! It was also nice to meet Laura, Jenna Louise and Threadhead! I will be visiting your blogs too, to see what inspiration I can find!
Anyway have a great weekend folks,


Fannie said...

Hi, Carole. Your arch is lovely. Are those charms? How did you attach them?

I like taking photograph of historical places. Your photograph is wonderful. I like the composition--linear perspective. Nice.

Your friendship garden is growing, I see. That's great! And 2000 bulbs! And another 1000? Good for you!

Margaret said...

Hi KiwiCarole how's it going? just saw your name on the In This House group and had to find out more, fab blog and lurvly pics... it brings it all back. I'm a born and bred Kiwi living in Switzerland, spent a lot of my time in wellington where my bro now lives so the photos had me drooling...