Friday, May 23, 2008

Silk paper making class

Last night my friend Christine and I went to a class on making silk paper. I was amazed at how simple and quick the process really was, and not at all messy like making felt. First we covered out net with silk, then added bits of cotton, and covered with another layer of netting. Then we wet it with a mix of dish washing liquid and warm water, making sure it was all wet on both sides.

This is Christine painting on her Jo Sonja's textile medium. We brushed it on to both sides of the netting. This is the glue which holds it altogether.
With this sheet of silk paper I added a couple of old dried leaves in order to make a print in the paper when dried. In future I would try a fresh leaf instead of a dried one. The dried one was hard to get off the paper.
Here is another sheet, I added a little green. When I got home I peeled off the top layer of net and scrunched up the silk paper. It is screaming "garden" to me! Can you hear it? It has dried with lots of bumps and ridges.
Here they are drying. They were all dry this morning and now ready to use.
This bottom photo is especially for you Dad if you're reading this! For those of you who have no idea what this, it's a flounder. Flounder are bottom dwellers and are usually found in the shallows of mud flats near river mouths. It was caught at the Foxton river mouth, and is pictured frying in butter! Mmmmmm!
Well it's Friday night, woohoo! Hope you all have a fun weekend! See you all soon!


Fannie said...

Garden!!!!! I hear it, Carole. ;-D

Nice silk paper. What are you going to do with it?

Lucky Dad!

Thanks for the surprises you sent--all beautiful, all cherished. Such generosity and friendship--I am rich!

ScaryCheri said...

oooooooh lovely paper. I have never heard of silk paper before but it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make with it.

I have bought the alcohol inks before too but haven't used them much. I got mine off Ebay for fairly cheap. I need to get the blending solution yet. I wanted to use it on dominoes and tins. My daughter got me a paper bag full of Altoid tins at a rummage sale last summer and I have been making pocket shrines for friends. In our yahoo arttechniques group someone had a recipe for homemade alcohol inks(I haven't tried it yet) using rubbing alcohol. I am thinking beet juice would make a gorgeous color. Hugz, Scary

Melinda Cornish said...

I just adore your garden paper! It is awesome and soooo pink!!!! Lov eit...Your tin is really pretty too. I love the alcohol inks...such a nice look....Melinda