Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One thousand hits the wiser!!

As I write this I notice that my blog has reached the 1000 hits mark! How exciting is that?? Especially as a new blogger, just dipping my toes into the very public arena of blogging and exposing my art out there. There were so many nervous moments wondering if my art would be good enough - (although I think this is self imposed, good enough for who and by whose standards?) But also wondering if anyone would even bother to look at my blog, or would it just be another boring waffle by some unknown wannabe artist?
Anyway, this conversation is now indeed waffling, sorry, but am excited that people actually dooooo read my blog! It has also been a very wide window to new friendships and to new ways of doing things, so that in itself has made this whole blogging business worthwhile soooo many times over!
Thanks to you all for you friendships, your inspiration and your kind comments. I enjoy your feedback , your ideas and your blogs immensely.
I had to share this with you all today, I received this arch from Jan in the UK in an arch swap. I said that I wanted a garden theme but other than that I didn't mind what I got. This really fits the bill, I love it to bits, Jan has pressed dried hydrangea flowers and what a neat result. In with the arch was this little ATC to match! I nearly died when I saw it! It's incredible, I think Jan has used a plastic bag in the making of this, melting it over the top. There are little beads and very fine netting also. I'm soooo excited now - I'm actually the proud owner of 2 ATC's!

I had to share with you these 2 purchases. Above are some little blocks I discovered the other day while out shopping. They are smaller than dominoe blocks and each one has holes drilled in it. I did see a sample of them used in a bracelet, collaged, painted and strung together using a type of elastic. Looked very interesting. Just had to buy some which I will put away for future use! (hahaha, you know what I mean!!)
Below is a tin which I found which I would like to decorate to keep my TWO ATC's in. But I've never decorated tin before. Does anyone have any hints, tips or advice to share on how to or where to start on this project? I thought it might need sanding first before painting?
I'd like to say a quick Hi to:
Cat in Tassie - wouldn't it be so nice if we could get some of the yummy stuff that Tim Holtz uses???
debbi baker who left a lovely comment and Nicki, welcome to my blog, hope you are all lucky enough to win an ATC.
tracyb, thanks for your comment too. I do agree with you about the trades, and that sometimes you spend a long time on making a project only to receive a swap which looks like it was made with little thought or effort. Sometimes It can take me several weeks to finish a project, I start it and have to put it somewhere where I can revisit it everyday! I do believe there are ATC swap groups where you post a pic of your cards and so you get to choose who and what you are swapping for. This is a cool idea! There are certainly so many swap groups that there is sure to be the right one for everybody, it's just a matter of finding it!
Enjoy your week,


Purple Missus said...

Just wanted to say 'Hi' Carole. Madness is certainly the right word for your blog - its wonderful :)
Strangely enough I found a tin almost an identical size to yours in the back of a drawer a few days ago and thought about decorating it. I shall now wait to see what you do to yours and will hopefully get a few hints.

Fannie said...

Congratulations, Carole. I'm glad you created your blog.