Friday, October 2, 2009

A 4x4" swap results

Annie, Ann, Debbi, Doreen and I are a small group doing a wee swap each month. Here are the 4x4" swaps that I got in Sept. Each month we take turns to pick the project. It will be my turn again in Nov. Ann set the project for the Sept swap and it had to be no bigger than 4"x 4" made of fabric and paper, with a vintage theme.

Above: this is Debbi's gorgeous 4x4

Below: this is Ann's. It's hard to pick it up in the pic, but the background it velvet. Very tactile!

Above: this one was made by Annie, love the portrait. (it's all stitched very neatly!!)

Below: this one is the one I made, with lots of layers. As the front side is all fabric,

...the back is all paper.

Our Oct swap is an ATC.

Have a great weekend folks!
Carole ;)


Jenxo said...

ohb they are all beautiful...jenox

Linda said...

These are beautiful! Do you take vitamins?

KatieScarlett said...

Soooo beautiful - what a great swap.

Speaking of - a package is on its way to Palmerston North!

How's life?


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Such beautiful creations! You are the swapping Queen Ms Carole!!!
A thick package arrived today from NZ I am eyeing it ... not sure how long I can wait to open it!!! ;)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

They are so Fabulous and Gorgeous!!! Lucky You!!!

Margaret said...

what a great swap to be part of, these are gorgeous Mx

Kayla coo said...

Very lovely mix of trimmings and threads.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Carole, these are all so gorgeous! What a wonderful swap. I am desperate to do more art like these. Hopefully I will get a chance once the kids are back at school after next week! Hope your year at Uni has gone well! Didn't make it to wearable arts (again!) Helen and I will just have to book way in advance I think and then just tell everyone we can't do anything else because we are booked!!!! Strangely enough though I ended up there last week for a couple of days on a family emergency and saw the Formula One exhibition at Te Papa! Yeah, I know, I'd finished looking after 5 minutes, but my two teenage sons thought it was fantastic!!! LOL!!