Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go see it!

We went and saw the MJ movie today. It was amazing and yet sad, and I doubt I will forget it in a long while. This guy was so very talented, there wouldn't be many, if any musicians who would equal him in talent. His whole life evolved around music, he lived for music, he was music. He was way more than a tall poppy and a lovely and trusting guy.
Go see it if you get the chance.



Linda said...

I will probably wait to rent it! Glad you went!

Shiree said...

Hi Carole,
yes I have heard that it is certainly worth seeing! No movie theatres in Twizel - country gal now so have to wait til we head top the big smoke city...I will likely wait 'til it comes on sky box office (which they seem to do fairly quickly)