Thursday, October 8, 2009


The sheep have been complaining, it's been miserable, and it's so wet that the paddocks are turning to mud. We have been trying to keep them in these front paddocks so that our farming lady has easy access to them, she is due any time to shear them and dock their tails, but with more rain due, I don't think she will come for several more days. The sheep are demanding to have another paddock, one with lots of gorgeous greeness, one with green cuisine, sheep salad, nourishment and nosh.

When they start to get hungry, they start baaing like crazy. We decided to shift them to greener pastures, they knew we were keeping a lush paddock from them.
Here they are from right to left:
Blackie, Casper, Sooty, Tuesday, Sweep, Holly, Ruby, Magpie.
I walked down to open the gate....


George Orwell flashes through my mind, and tales from Animal Farm!
They rushed past me, leave me standing in the mud, gumboots stuck fast, they are heading for the back paddock, they know the way.
So many luscious blades of grass, where to start eating first??

Notice that we have now named them all? We were starting to get confused about who had begot whom.

Oh, and I bet you can't guess what that white structure is in the back paddock?

Lol, hope you enjoyed the sheepy tales,
Carole :D


Chelle said...

My guess is that 'Tuesday' was a Tuesday baby?

I have a friend in the USA who loves sheep, and rattles off all sorts of facts about them - I ought to visit Lindale and get her a sheep-themed souvenir or two :)

Nathalie Thompson said...

Great post! Your pastures are SO lush! The grass really IS greener on the other side at your place! ha ha!

The white structure looks like a bent soccer (football) goal. I hope you tell us the story. Next post?

Debrina said...

Hello Carole! Just got back from our morning tea meet up and now I see why you were concerned about the reported storm warning! Your sheep are just delightful! We have pigs on a friend's farm that we share. Unfortunately, we do eat them in the end (we went into the venture because we didn't like the conditions of normal piggeries). My husband and I are both into sustainabilty and in particular, permacultural concepts. Something else for us to chat about!
Well, it was a real pleasure to meet you; I think there is a firm friendship in the making there!
Love Debs

Margaret said...

erm... rugby on a windy day, don't tell me you play??

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

really fun post Carole
your pretty sheep and your green green grass ... looks so nice!

kiwicarole said...

The white structure is actually a shade house for sheep! hahaha. During summer we attach shade netting to it so the sheep have somewhere in the shade to lie. Being that there are no trees in the paddock. However sheep are also very dumb, so prefer to lie about panting in the sun!