Monday, October 19, 2009

Would you like to stitch with me??

I have been saving floral fabric for a long time.


Because I love it!

I have made 2 floral quilts now, but I still have lots of florals left.

I am very much in love with my tag quilt I just finished and I think I will make another one.....with a twist!

What I would like to do is make another one using more of my florals,
but I would like to invite YOU, my blogging buddies, friends whom I have met via this blog, to do some of the wee stitcheries for my quilt!

What I plan to do, is send those of you who would like to stitch
a piece of 7"x4" calico fabric and some thread.

What you stitch on the fabric is totally up to you,
could be words, a saying, a picture, your name,
as long as you use the same colour thread. Then all the stitcheries will be done in the same colour!

When you have finished, you need to post it back to me, and when I have collected them all, I will put together my Blogging Buddies Quilt!

If you would like to sew a wee stitchery for my quilt, use the EMAIL ME link on the right and let me know you are interested, and give me your mailing address.

If I am organised enough, each person stitching will get a wee thank you tucked inside their envelope! :) Along with their fabric and thread.

There is no set time limit to have these completed by, but they are quite small and shouldn't take long to complete.

I would love to have you join in and be part of my quilt!!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Carole :D

(thank you I think I have enough offers of help, if I accept any more my quilt is going to be toooooo large!!! LOL)


Jenxo said...

sounds like fun carole, im in...

Debrina said...

Count me in, of course, Carole! Glad you met my friend Pania (albeit online!). Oh, and by teh way, I haven't forgotten about you in blogland. I'm going to do a post about you (and our meeting) next week. I just have had so much to catch up on with my blogging promises (e.g. highlighting my 7 top art bloggers; posting about my ATC swaps, and the latest ICE stuff that I haven't been able to do too much more!). We really must meet up again - perhaps at Pania's aye??

Debrina said...

PS. Pania has a blog! Just posted it up to day, did she:
Pop on by and say hello. She's a little lonely in blogland just now...what with being a newbie and all!

PPS. your quilt and all your fabric art is just gorgeous Carole. I'm seriously jealous!!!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

this sounds like lots of fun, please count me in oxo

happy to be back home with my regular keyboard, the laptop has a couple of sticky keys that made it impossible to type on!

Judy said...

This is my first time to visit your blog, but I would love to play...and promise to return again...and again.

If previous visits are required, I understand. I found you through Marty's Fibers and am a frequent visitor of Magpie's Nest.

imac said...

Hello Carole, Nice blog of stitching here, great pieces or Art work,(Ibet your work room is full of stuff(just like DW) and that it spreads room to room,haha, just like

Thanks for visiting my lil blog and your kind words.

Linda said...

I'm in, too!!!!!!

Julie said...

I would be honoured to have a piece of my stitching in your quilt Carole so I'm in too.

Anonymous said...

I would love to do a stitchery for your quilt. Count me in.
Jenni S

Deb said...

What a lovely idea Carole, I have sent you details
hugs Deb

Mª Clara Lloveras said...


Count me, too!
I love the idea!