Monday, October 12, 2009

fun mail!

Patty from over at Magpies Nest sent me a very interesting envelope recently. Inside I discovered some vintage patchwork blocks. It is amazing that the fabric is so thin, obviously made from remnants of clothing I suspect. And they have all been hand pieced, and some pieces of fabric have loads of joins. Patty knows I love aged and vintage goodies, thank you so much, I would very much like to use these in some way, but I'm not actually sure what I could make. Any one with an idea for a project, let me know, as they will probably get stashed away in my suitcase with my other treasures!

Patty also included this ATC, made using Gail Russakov's techniques. It's very embossed and is covered in different textures. COOL!

Don't you just love treats and surprises?
Carole :)

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~*~Magpie's Nest said...

fun surprise seeing this post Carole, those quilt squares were given to me (a stack of them) and I thought you might come up with an idea for using them...they are a bit primitive looking aren't they and I'm sure they have a story to tell .. now lost in time