Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm looking for revenge!

I am very excited here at the headquarters of Madness and Mess! Excited really is an understatement. I have my blogging buddy, Mrs G coming to visit, (she's not actually coming until the end of April, but that's completely beside the point, LOL). She's even coming to stay the night which will mean the guest bedroom needs to be off limits to a certain brother and sister team who delight in sneaking in unwanted dead "things".

When I got home from town this afternoon, Mr Madness and Mess yelled out -

"There's a mess in the guest room!"


"What kind of mess?"

And then I saw it! Miles of it! All over the floor of the guest bedroom!

I could have hunted them down and strangled them!!

So I yelled rather loudly,


And then I went to find them.

Wednesday was outside, lording over the manor, funny how she wouldn't look me in the eye!

And her brother was sleeping, with, I would think rather a full tummy, and pretended to sleep right thru my 20 questions about the excess of feathers all over the floor!

Dear Mrs G, I sure hope you know what you're letting yourself in for! I suppose at least you could lie in bed and do some creating, something that has feathers in it maybe?

Carole :)


Deb said...

Carole, should you need any extra feathers for projects for your visitor, I get the same sort ending up in my sewing room from Frank.mmmmm........
hugs Deb

Margaret said...

you're gonna get that sorted by April right??!

loulee said...

ROTFL Not at the birdie, or the mess. I love the way you tell the story. said...

Ahhhh, they are too cute to have done that , surely!!? Hee hee!

Laura Kay said...

My my, they both look fat & happy!! What a time they must have had!!! She is basking in her CAT glory & he looks like "Gee that was such fun! I surrender Mom."

Linda said...

Oh, dear! I foresee a swap using feather embellishments in the future....I hope not....... I really do like the way these New Zealand people use the word sort. I think I'm going to adopt it.

Joy said...

Ooops, poor birdy!!!
Your kitties both look far too innocent to have committed such a crime ..... Carole could there have been an intruder perhaps???? A very naughty one who left all that messy evidence ;o).
Joy :o)

The Rose Room said...

lol, yep could be handy to have a personal supply of feathers at your finger tips or bedside! Rachaelxo

Julz said... know I can hear them saying "The dog did it"... now I'm not sure if you do have a dog, though that's what our cat's would be trying to tell me! Hugs Jx

Cher said...

I laughed so hard I am crying!

kiwicarole said...

Well Cher, I wasn't laughing at the time! But it probably is funny! Hubby thought it was a big joke! :)

Nicks said...

LOL thats nothing.... the week before my bessie came to stay at Christmas, my moggies brought in two squirrels!

Melinda Cornish said...

it looks like they are saying, "who me?'