Sunday, February 7, 2010

The latest swaps have all arrived!

The latest swap challenge between the Queen Bee 5 was to make a brooch and a charm. If you'd like to check their individual blogs and see some of their comings, goings and makings, the links are all on the side bar on this blog.

All mine have arrived so I can share them with you now. I think I am lucky to have such clever and talented friends!

Here are the brooches.
The top one was the one I made for everyone.
Below is the brooch Linda cleverly felted from wool, and layered with woolen fabrics.

Below is the brooch Patty made from a zip! Yep, look again, it really is!

Then below is Margaret's brooch! It has a distinct vintage feel to it!

And lastly is the brooch Nathalie made, pretty darn cool, yo yos and vintage buttons with scraps of lace. Very me! (all presented on an old library card!- I'm amazed that library cards have so many uses!)

Here are the charms we swapped. I found this challenging, I'm not too good at the fiddly little connections and find I'm just all fingers and thumbs when it comes down to it! LOL

Below is the charm that I made from Tui beer bottle tops.

Next is the charm from Linda. It's gorgeous, very dainty compared to mine! Love that bee!

Then below is the charm from Patty, which I think is fantastic! I mean there is no way I could make a nest like that, can you imagine the tangle I'd be in??!

Then Patty slipped in an extra charm, just because she's so darn clever! :D Did you notice Patty uses the paint sample cards to attach her things to?

Then below is the charm Margaret made everyone. I love the grouping of little things we tend to collect with the intention of using. Especially the key :)

Then lastly here is Nathalie's charm, pretty cool - A bobbin of beading thread tied on a string! Presented in this decorated matchbox.

Thank you guys for a fantastic swap, albeit challenging at times. I think it's such great fun to see who comes up with what ideas, and your packaging and presentations are beautiful.

I have to also add that I have worn all my brooches, and am going to find uses for all my charms.
I am looking forward to our next swap.

Hope my blog visitors enjoyed seeing them all!

Carole :D


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

truly a delight from beginning to end dear Carole!

what lucky swappers we are, your pics look great too!

Ali Honey said...

Yes, carole I did. What clever ladies fingers you all have. Some real wee gems there.

Nathalie Thompson said...

What a great post! We all look great! Did you notice the "sheep" on one of the yo-yos in my brooch for you? I tried to cover all of the bases. :)

Linda said...

What? I didn't see the sheep...must go back... Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful everything in your swap is! What great fun it must have been!

Hoping my piece of your wee stitchery arrives soon.

oxo Judy

Jenxo said...

beutiful; goodies you all made, this was a great swap...jenox

Anonymous said...

Wow! You and your friends are so wonderfully talented!

Fleur de Boheme said...

Very nice stuff you made altogether! What a gorgeous idea!!!

Bye Kirsten