Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm over winter now! Thank goodness for some mail!

This morning I ventured outside, it was icy cold and very windy, but not raining, yet! This is what it's like (above). We are waiting for a storm to hit. It should get to us tomorrow morning, heavy rains and gale force winds, but it is on the northern half of the north island now. Yay just what we need more of!
I thought I'd check out the vege garden, see how it's coping with the wet. At least the lettuce plants all look pretty good, (I'm amazed anything is growing!) Also there are 2 rows of peas up, (on the left). However this poor hydrangea (below) is looking pretty sad on it. It is a stunning white flowered one. Hope it makes it, it's kind of sitting in water.

The broad beans are looking good too, some even had flowers on them. Just imagine what they are going to look like after gale force winds! A nice pot full of mint, that will come in handy for the new potatoes when summer arrives!
There is nothing like some exciting mail to cheer you up! Today I got the latest copy of the NZ Quilter. It is good to see what others are doing round NZ, but it doesn't touch mixed media or media arts other than quilting, so it's a little boring at times. I am thinking I may cancel my subscription and order CPS instead.
I had some yummy stamps arrive in the mail today. I bought them from Stampers Anonymous, drool, they had so many lovely stamps, it's hard to choose, and then you have to be mindful of the large amount of postage which has to go on top. I don't ever buy much from overseas because of the postage.
But in saying that, I also treated myself to this dvd from QA. It's by Ruth Rae, who is one of my fav artists. Looking forward to watching this! (Or I could perhaps save it until my creative muse is lacking! .....NAH, can't wait!!!)
I hope you are all safe and enjoying your weekend! And I'm not going to stress over all my daffodils getting flattened in the wind.....
I'm off to sit in front of the fire and read some back issues of QA mag!

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