Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing much happening today....

It's a quiet day on the creative side today, so thought I'd share this photo with you. It was taken on the west coast of the South Island during a trip away last year. A wintery type photo.

Hi Connie! Thanks for dropping by! The munching sound you can hear is the sheep on the side bar. He is chewing, if you click on him he baaas too! I thought he was just too cute, seeing that we have our own sheep!

Hope your day is going well!


Fannie said...

Interesting pic, Carole. The driftwood in the foreground resembles the form of someone crawling. Artful. Thanks for sharing.

Altered Route said...

I stopped in to play with your sheep...lol! How funny...tried to get him to do a trick, but he is content to eat and follow me around! ( I thought for sure you were munching on some goodies...lol!)

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I was wonder what that noise was? LOL! A Sheep. I seen a cat one on the net but not the sheep one. Cute!

I think the island looks like a shoe out of Mother Goose. You know the one with the Old Woman who lived in a shoe with so many children.

I am not sure who's blog I came from I went from one to another. New ones.

God Bless!