Friday, July 25, 2008

WOO HOO! It's Friday!

Friday! This means I now have 9 days off! A week off work plus 2 weekends! I have made no plans, other than I want to visit with my daughter as it's her birthday next week, and I want to start some spring cleaning! (Just a little bit!) Isn't it funny how everything seems more exciting when you're on the verge of a holiday?
Margaret- how's everything on the help desk? Running smoothly I trust? Thanks for your comments on the ink pads. I haven't used the Distress pads with a wet sponge, (I do use them with a brush) but I was told last night that if you spray water over an inked page, or stamp, you get great results. This woman also told me that if you ink a page with the distress ink, spray over it with water and place some rock salt on it, you get incredible results too. So I might have a play next week!

Last night I attended a "Night of Paper Passion" with 2 friends. Doesn't that sound interesting? It was held at the local scrap booking store here in Palmerston North. Apparently they run one each month on a Thursday night, from 6.30pm to midnight. None of us had been before. For the first hour we learn't another way to make a great gift card. (above) I've never been into card making as those of you who know me will know. But I was very impressed with this effort! It is almost enough to make me want to start! First we stamped a sheet of small stickers and then coloured them with ink. Then transferred them to card. It was sooo easy. Then there was a quizz, and everyone got lolly pops. Then we were all given a lovely sheet of scrap booking paper, just for coming. And then on top of that all of those people who were new got a free sheet of stickers! For the rest of the evening we worked on our own projects but we could use all sorts of cutters and bits that the teacher and store owner had, (that wasn't shop stock). We all thought this was a great value night out for $10.00!
I worked on my book. Wanted to finish the tags, "watch out for the bird".
I also started another page. I glued tissue paper onto the page. It needs some text, so will think about that. It looks a little brown in the pic, but it's all pinks and gold.
We are expecting some mean, nasty weather over the next few days, so I have some ATC's I need to finish and start, what an ideal time! I dread attempting to venture out into the vege garden, everything is swimming in water, I think the fruit trees will be fine, but I wonder about some of the other things. Oh well, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it! My best friends are my gumboots at the moment! LOL
Morning Dove, Hi! I look forward to seeing your book! Keep going!
I hope you have either had a great Friday or are about to have one!
Take care,

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ScaryCheri said...

what an adorable card. I have some of those stickers and never would have thought to use them like that. I have heard of those classes. I hope to get a chance to take one sometime. What fun. Check out Tim Holtz's web site sometime. It is truly amazing what you can do with his distressed inks. He did a great blog with give aways at Christmas on how to make cards and tags. He also has some video demonstrations. Plus he is kind of cute, lol.
Love the pages. I like the tissue paper idea. I have some pretty colors the daughter found for me. Will have to try that too. You are really inspiring me today to get off my buttocks and do some art. Thank you very much. Hugz, Scary