Saturday, July 5, 2008

A little maddness uncovered!

Now normally you don't get to see all the maddness that happens round this place, but I couldn't help but share this with you all. At our place it helps at all times to walk around with your eyes open!
And what's wrong with this, you ask??

And of course you can see what's happening here!

And BINGO! you walk round the corner, busy reading something and over you go! Of course Wednesday and Buddy think this is just the best fun!

Nona! HI! You asked about Vlisofix (correct spelling). This is a fusible webbing which is caught between two sheets of paper. When I used it on the paper towel, I peeled one of the paper sides off, and painted the webbing. When it was dry I ironed it onto a segment of paper towel. You can buy it at Spotlight or sewing shops as it is commonly used for applique projects. When using it with fabric, peel off one side of the paper, you iron it to the wrong side of the fabric, then cut out your desired shape, peel off the other side of the paper and then iron it into place on your quilt etc... then you can stitch it to hold it permanently. (It is the worst enemy of the common household iron, whatever you do, don't let it get on your iron!)

I think you also asked about needlefelting? I decided to try it on some of the silk paper, mainly to see how the silk paper would handle it. The paper (or silk fusion as it is often called overseas), is supposed to be pretty tough. I have a bush, which kinda looks like an over sized clothes brush, and a tool that has 5 needles in it. You lay the paper on the brush, place threads, wool, organza etc... on the paper and use the needles to push the threads into the paper. This method is called dry felting. I used some merino wool I had here that I have for wet felting, and bits of knitting wool etc...

Also want to wave out to Dianne and Margaret! Thanks for visiting. I thought of you last night Margaret, I made some pikelets, and they were the worst looking things I've ever made, (hence no photo) however Shelby (our golden lab) thought they looked pretty darn good and scoffed them down without hesitation!

I will try and add a weather report for you later, it's not a nice day, and the fire is blazing!

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