Sunday, July 27, 2008

Winter, Yuk! Oh, and a question for bloggers!

With the absence of sunny beautiful hot weather, I made this ATC for a swap with Debbi (oops! hope your not visiting today!) Well we sat the storm out last night. It was upgraded to a "weather bomb" (?) There was only 8mm of rain, but the wind was pretty strong. Our power went out at 1/4 to 10pm and was out for 2 hours. Then it went out again at about 1/4 past 1am. This wouldn't have normally been a problem, but we were waiting up to watch the rugby match, the All Blacks vs the Wallabies, (Aussies). The game started and the power went out! If I wasn't so darn tired, it would have been quite romantic in front of the fire, with a flickering candle in the background! (It's also very hard to be romantic when you have 2 cats and a dog trying to push their way to the front, and climb over you so they can hog the fire!) We went to bed. The radio said the All Blacks got a thrashing!
This morning the damage doesn't look too bad, I think we got off lightly. The veges in the garden have a distinct lean to them!
And our young wind-break hedge trees have a lean as well. Even the trees that were staked are leaning, the ground is so water-logged everything goes!
Well I thought I might ask a question on a regular basis to get your ideas thoughts, etc...

Question of the week: What art supply have you bought that you've tried and not liked?
I bought some paint sticks, which I've used 6 or 7 times, but I don't like them. I don't like the strong oil paint smell that lingers with the finished piece, and I don't like how it takes so long to dry. Anyone want to do a swap for some paint sticks??



Margaret said...

You're so busy, great work esp the tissue page and I love the new stamps. Have you seen A book called Distressables, Tim Holtz? he has loads of good info about using distress inks and other products from the Ranger brand. My mate sent me this link for embossing (have just bought a new toy hee hee)has some really good tutorials

Tania said...

Great ATC!

Godelieve said...

Great texture on your ATC! It's beautiful!
I'm a first time visitor on your blog, and didn't know what the scratching noice was, ... until I scrolled down. Cute sheep ;) Clicked on it too!

ANNA said...

Sorry to hear about the weather. Sound much like the way i feel right now :-)
I love the ATC. Ilove oil sticks - as to what I have bought - well lots of alphabet stamps and never used them not sure why I bought them!

Gwyneth said...

The ATC is lovely, really lice colours,is it felted?
Just wish we could share your storm, we a water shortage in Cyprus - running water every day only plus it is very hot...but not complaining.