Thursday, July 3, 2008

Play night last night

Hi, first off I want to wave out to Margaret S, Margaret W, Patty, Fannie and Aileen! Thanks for your comments girls, oh, and your order Fannie! I'll see what I can do! LOL.
Last night I went to a friends house, she was having some friends over, as they are all into scrapbooking. I definately don't want to go there, I've got enough stuff stashed in my sewing room already! LOL. However, I decided to have a play with a sheet of silk paper I made on Tuesday. So took my little hand felting set, (brush and needles) and some dyed sheeps wool, scraps of silk and knitting thread and organza. I played with this while the others scrapbooked.
This is what I ended up with.

I feel it isn't finished yet, might try some hand stitching on it, and even see if I can use some watercolour wax crayons. I thought the paper took the needle felting well, and Margaret, yes you can stitch thru it without problem. Not sure whether I will use it for anything in particular, I may even cut it up into smaller pieces. But that's the fun of experimenting!
Have fun everyone!


Nona Parry said...

It's gorgeous! Maybe a little sparkle? Please tell how you make this.

Margaret said...

Beautiful work Carole! Margaret

Debbi Baker said...

Very pretty Carole! Love all the little details - and your silk paper in the previous post is just gorgeous.