Monday, July 21, 2008

Some random snapshots from the weekend!

There is absolutely no hierarchy at our place. And there is even less respect for those who pay the bills, those who cart the firewood in every day, those who place food in the bowls of others, and especially for those who provide spaces in front of warm fires on a cold wet winters day!
Aren't cats special animals? Mine never cease to keep me entertained, that is when I'm not tripin over them!
This is Buddy relaxing in front of the fire on Saturday night.

One of my quirky little habbits is purchasing odd pieces of china. I quite like Royal Albert. But I also collect Torquay Mottoware (the pattern of the single story house). I also like Carltonware. These two pieces are my latest purchase, the teapot is a piece of Wade, the Bramble pattern, and the little bowl and saucer is Ducal. I love the colours and the patterns and the feel of them.
Of course after they arrived I was left with this! Now I have been racking my brains all weekend trying to think of a creative way to recycle, but I can't think of anything, so I think it will all end up in my compost bin.

I did get a chance to make a start on the arch I owe Annette. Sorry about the flare from the flash, this turned out the best photo for colour. It is a photo transfer which has been coloured by alcohol inks, it is sewn onto tissue paper which is stuck on Jack paper which is on the Fast to Fuse. I think it needs something else, but I'm not sure what? May have to leave it sitting for a while until something hits me!

And finally, over the weekend we had our very first daffodil open it's colourful petals! It will only be a matter of days until there are more out in bloom, I love daffodil time, last year I was able to pick bunches and give to friends and have vases of them inside. They are so cheerful and loud in their colour!

My daughter came to stay and while she was here did some sorting and cleaning of some of her things stacked in a wardrobe. Amongst things she was throwing out was a pile of "junk" jewellery, which as you can probably guess ended up in my sewing room! What a fantastic find, I have been busy pulling necklaces and earrings etc... apart. They'll make great embellishments! Thanks Traci! As they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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ANNA said...

You can always use the shredded paper to make hand made paper - it saves tearing up and depending on the print you might find text within the paper pulp!