Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weird and wacky weather!

This morning Dennis came and woke me up to tell me that the hills by our house had been dusted in snow. It was very light and looked like a sprinkling of icing sugar! The air was very icy.

Then came the hail. Every shower we had it rained hail. This was the heaviest we had, but 9kms away in the city they had it real heavy, and it was so cold that it stayed on the ground all day.
Then around lunch time a thick mist came down, as though someone was drawing down a curtain. Everything disappeared into the damp greyness.
After about 30 minutes the mist started to clear and slowly the hills revealed themselves to us again. This is the first time since we have lived here that we have seen snow on these hills. I checked the temp guage in the car, it said 3 degrees C. I put on 2 coats and gumboots and went out to take some photos.
The photo above is looking south towards Wellington.
These 2 pics are looking east.
The snow was quite low down!
We have lots of water in the paddocks.
Standing at the house looking down the drive, with the snow behind the pines. I could stand and look at it all day! How exciting!

The above photo is looking north towards the windmills. I even discovered the first flowering spring bulb!
Then the colours changed and the sun tried to shine thru the grey. The colours were rich and the sky remained watery and threatening. The photo below is looking west.
And then the sun did get thru, if only for half an hour, and the snow started to retreat. Then by 4pm it had turned dark and grey and the cloud had returned and blocked out the hills again. As I write this it is raining hard. What an exciting day!

Hope you all had a great Saturday!

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