Thursday, March 6, 2008

Accidental is an understatement!!

Well here is a little arch I made for Pam, in the Textile Challenges group I belong to. I had the chance to attend a talk by American Karen Eckmeier on her Accidental Landscapes and Happy Villages, just recently while she was doing a trip to various parts of New Zealand. She had a great range of different sized quilts for everyone to have a close up look at, (and in my case a poke and prod! I learn with my fingers!!) Her work was very inspiring, and she made her techniques look veeeerrryyy easy! yeah right! So I decided to start small and work my way up and made this small accidental landscape. And it was accidental! It started off as a seascape and ended up as a riverscape! Lol, and one that has a slight flow south! Never mind, I was quite impressed with the technique, I think it made a neat little landscape and I'm keen to attempt it again! I hope Pam likes it!


Fannie said...

I'm sure Pam will love it. I do!

Lisa said...

Was't Karen Eckmeir great?! I got all enthused and made a village quilt and I love the finished thing but hated the technique with the glue - very messy and hit and miss. I have a 2nd one in progress and I am very firmly sticking everything down with trusty steam-a-seam. Can't share photos yet cos the camera broke, and was followed shortly after by the washing machine, and a new washing machine had to take priority unfortunately.