Friday, March 7, 2008


First off, thanks MorningDove for all your neat comments, and yes it is our Gretchen from FAT who had her post card accepted in the ArtCards Deck!
Here's one for you all, of course it's not finished yet, but do I go on with it or trash it, I don't know if it's doing it for me, if you know what I mean! The brief is to make a journal quilt, and the theme is colours and the techniques are layering and collage. I think it fills the criteria, but think it's inbetween abstract and representational and maybe it has to be one or the other? Mmmmm, if I don't compare it to the pics I guess it's ok. Maybe I'll have to redo it. What do you think? (I think I can feel a re-work coming on)

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Jacq said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Both Fannie and Dove have great supporters.