Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Canape anyone?

This week we have a group of chefs from the mess in camp who are preparing for a competition on the weekend entrenched in our kitchen. We have a commercial kitchen here at the community centre where my office is. They arrive en mass at lunch time and start preparing dishes for the evening service. (This dishy young man is preparing the canapes.) There are canapes and entrees, starters and soup main course, desert and drinks liquers and coffees. They have silver service, and the stewards make the cocktails while you watch, and they always serve one dish which ignites into flames. Last year they had 2 invited guests pull out at the last minute and because I was still at work they invited me and my daughter to have a meal with them. It was to die for! I have never been for a meal at a restaurant flash enough to have silver service. (There was so much cutlery I didn't know what to eat what with!) Last year they won the competition. I wish them well this year, but there are a whole new team this time.

Now onto a bit of art. Remember the small pieces of sack that I cut up in order to make some more ATC booklets? Well I have now added some colour to them. I painted them and used a bit of embossing enamel.

I am quite happy with the colours and don't want to over do it as there is still embellishing to come. I would like to make another book using lace instead of the sack. See what effect I can come up with.

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morningDove said...

I like the art. Did you take a pic of the finished piece with embellishment?