Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bits of this and that...

I found some lace to try with the ATC booklets. I think it is cotton too, which means it will take the dye well. I will keep you posted.

I thought I'd also share this with you. If you don't already recognise it, I have used part of it in my header up the top!
I run a Coffee and Craft group at work and last year we ran competitions during the year. One of the comps was to take an ordinary handkerchief and turn it into a work of art. Most people have an old fashioned 'hanky' in the back of a draw somewhere, even if they now only use tissues. No one was enthused or motivated to make anything, so I found an old hanky with a small bit of lace on one corner, dyed it purple, dyed the yellow background and sewed them together. I then sew a piece of tyvek onto the middle of it and stitched round that. Did a bit of painting, stamping, embossing, and Wel-laa! I thought this came up great! Especially as I had sure turned it into a work of art!! Weeeel, come the judging day and a few other bits and pieces dribbled in, but a friend, whom shall remain nameless, anyway, Dawn bought along a bikini top made from a large mans hanky. Clever idea, she made it quickly the night before, had a couple of stitches here and there, a couple of bits of fabric added for ties, ok, ok, pretty smart idea, but mine took days and days to make! Hers won the $50.00 gift voucher! I was very happy for her, spit hiss. Now in case you were wondering, I don't normally enter anything in these comps, seeing I run them, but sometimes it's like pushin a darn horse up a steep hill! So I often make something to try and motivate others. Here's the dilemma, if there's nothing made that is clever enough or if you can tell no one has made an effort, do you still award the voucher?
Anyway, I must say my friend Dawn is one very talented lady! There is nothing she can't turn her hand to!

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Fannie said...

Nice blocks, Carole. Lucky you!